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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Configure Raspberry Pi2

       Raspberry Pi is a Credit Card sized Computer....I am skipping all introductions.

You have bought raspberry pi 2, A Micro SD card size at least 8GB. Can you work on Raspeberry Pi without monitor? Yes you can do.

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi sd card
SanDisk SD Card for Raspberry Pi

Step1: Mount the OS on the SD Card.

        Pi needs an operating system to work on. You can download OS for Raspberry Pi from download. There are Raspbian OS and other third party OS available. I have downloaded the Raspbian OS by Debian Wheezy.

You need to mount the Operating System on the SD card.
Insert the SD card into your system via any SD card reader. To write the image on the SD card, if you use Windows operating system you need to install the Win32Disk image utility on your windows system  Source Forge project page. Open the Utility software and select the image (OS Raspbian), Select the Drive of the SD Card and Click write.. 
It take some time Until the Process Gets over.
Done. If you don't have a monitor to connect to Pi you can use your laptop itself as monitor. Check my next Post.

Mount SD Card